What is AndroidHR?

Android HR stands as a robust yet simple recruitment solution, expertly tailored for contractors and home service businesses aimed at saving time. It specializes in facilitating the hire of competent project managers, sales representatives, and technicians on-demand. Uniquely designed to align with your company's core values, Android HR ensures that you have on-demand access to the talent that not only meets job requirements but also complements your business ethos perfectly.

We believe that every home service business should adhere to our "RISE" philosophy, meaning "Recruiting Is A Sustained Effort." Regardless of whether your business is a small startup or a larger corporation, you should always be consistently searching for exceptional candidates, even if you are not currently hiring.

AndroidHR allows you to hire sales reps, project managers, technicians and more with predictability, ease and on-demand.

We solve these issues...

  • Time-consuming hiring processes.

  • Resistance to letting go of bad team members due to how “hard” it is to find good candidates.

  • Inability to communicate your job opportunities to competitor employees.

  • Lack of resources and time for effective recruiting.

  • Inability to “always be recruiting” due to time constraints.

  • Inconsistent or insufficient applicant pools.

  • Difficulty in evaluating candidate skills and experience.

  • Inability to compete with larger companies offering better benefits or higher pay.

  • Limited budget for recruitment and hiring efforts.