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What is Android HR?

We streamline and automate the hiring process, helping service businesses attract, engage, and acquire qualified candidates and technicians. Android HR focuses on automating the hiring process, including managing your candidate pipeline and following up with potential hires.

We ensure you stay connected with qualified candidates, even those not actively seeking new opportunities or that might currently be working for a competitor. Android HR ultimately helps you build a skilled and reliable workforce that supports your business's growth.

The people you need are not on indeed. They're working for someone else.

Get in front of them today.

Introducing Android HR

Revolutionizing Recruitment for Contractors and Home Service Businesses

Are you a contractor or a home service business seeking to streamline and automate your recruitment process, attract high-quality candidates, and build a winning team? Look no further than Android HR. Our AI-powered recruitment platform utilizes cutting-edge technology and proven best practices to simplify candidate targeting, engagement, and acquisition through our unique "TEA" framework concept. With features like Smart Candidate Attraction, Branded Careers Websites, Automated Candidate Pipeline Management, and much more, we help you stay ahead of the competition and build the workforce of your dreams, whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise.

Our Philosophy "RISE""

We believe that every home service business should adhere to our "RISE" philosophy, meaning "Recruiting Is A Sustained Effort." Regardless of whether your business is a small startup or a larger corporation, you should always be consistently searching for exceptional candidates, even if you are not currently hiring.

We understand that most qualified candidates are not actively seeking new opportunities, and they are certainly not browsing Craigslist for gigs! Many of them are already employed by competitors or similar businesses and may not even realize they are open to change. This is where our "Smart Candidate Attraction" and "Talent Poaching Strategy" come into play. Android HR enables you to stay connected with these passive candidates, ensuring they consider your company when deciding to explore new career options.

Our goal with Android HR is to automate, simplify, and streamline the process of targeting, engaging, and acquiring new candidates on demand while making it affordable.

We Solve These Issues:


Time-consuming hiring processes.

Talent scarcity

Fear of finding better replacements.

Staffing hurdles

Lack of resources for effective recruiting.

Time shortage

Inability to “always be recruiting” due to time constraints.

Weak applicants

Inconsistent or insufficient applicant pools.

Skill Assessment

Difficulty in evaluating candidate skills and experience.

Competitive Edge

Inability to compete with larger companies offering better benefits.

Budget Recruitment

Limited budget for recruitment and hiring efforts.

Android HR simplifies and streamlines recruiting using our "TEA" Framework, which stands for "Target, Engage, Acquire."

What is the TEA Framework?


1. Target the RIGHT candidates

2. Smart Candidate Attraction

3. Branded & Exciting Careers Website

4. Professionally Written and Enticing Job Description Pages

5. Candidate Compatibility Screening & Funnels


1. Engage at the RIGHT time

2. Passive recruitment outreach through social retargeting

3. Talent Poaching Strategy (TPS)

4. AI-driven candidate communication and management

5. Automated candidate pipeline management


1. Tools to simplify acquisition

2. Automated interview booking and calendar cross-referencing

3. Automated candidate sorting by role, category, and rating for future communication

4. Job offer letters and signatures

5. Integrations with all major HR/Payroll/Setup software


Smart Candidate Attraction

Our Smart Candidate Attraction utilizes targeted advertising to effectively identify and connect with skilled professionals, ensuring a seamless recruitment process tailored to your organization's requirements.

Talent Poaching Strategy (TPS)

Our Talent Poaching Strategy employs targeted social media outreach to identify and engage with dissatisfied employees at competitors' locations, ensuring your company remains top of mind if or when they consider pursuing new career paths or seeking more fulfilling opportunities.

Job offer letters

and signatures

Our Smart Candidate Attraction utilizes targeted advertising to effectively identify and connect with skilled professionals, ensuring a seamless recruitment process tailored to your organization's requirements.

Professional and attractive job descriptions

Android HR recognizes the importance of well-crafted job descriptions in capturing the attention of top talent and motivating them to apply for open positions. Our job descriptions feature is designed to help you create compelling and informative job listings that effectively convey the key aspects of each role while resonating with your target audience.

Automated candidate pipeline management

Android HR offers an automated candidate pipeline management system that streamlines the process of tracking, categorizing, and nurturing candidate

relationships. Android HR's AI-driven candidate communication and follow-up system ensures timely and personalized outreach to active candidates. This system helps you stay organized and ensures that no potential talent slips through the cracks.

Integrations with all major HR/Payroll/ Setup software

Android HR seamlessly integrates with all major HR, payroll, and setup software, ensuring a smooth transition from recruitment to onboarding and beyond. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the likelihood of errors and saving time for your HR team.

Automated interview booking and calendar cross-referencing

Scheduling interviews can be a time-consuming process. Android HR simplifies this task by providing an automated interview booking system that cross-references candidates' and interviewers' calendars to find the most suitable time slots. This feature saves time and reduces the likelihood of scheduling conflicts.

Branded, enticing careers website

At Android HR, we understand the importance of a company's employer brand in attracting top talent. That's why we offer a Custom Careers Page feature that enables you to create a branded, engaging, and user-friendly job portal that showcases your organization's unique culture, values, and opportunities.

Automated candidate sorting by role, category, and rating for future


Android HR's automated candidate sorting feature allows you to easily organize candidates based on their role, category, and rating. This simplifies the process of identifying top candidates and ensures that you can easily reach out to them for future opportunities.

Android HR aims to revolutionize the recruitment process by automating, simplifying, and streamlining candidate targeting, engagement, and acquisition. By utilizing the TEA Framework, Android HR allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve and consistently attract and manage qualified candidates, even when they aren't actively hiring

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